The Team

Hannah Duncan

Austin Attah-poku

Nicole Ellis

Peter Li

Krystina Correa

Graham Miller

Change Log

Meeting Five

Monday, October 17th

Met before class to finalize rehearsing and finalize the presentation and slide show

Meeting Four

Sunday, October 16th

All team members were present. This meeting was about the presentation, we finalized our presentation and handed it in. Started working on rehearsing

Meeting Three

Thursday, October 13th

All team members were present. This meeting was about the presentation and we all started working and researching the presentation.

Meeting Two

Wednesday, October 12th

All team members made it to this meeting. This meeting was about how we are going about doing assignment one and the presentation for assignment one. We all worked to do the high level conceptual archeticture and all worked efficiently.

Change Two

Added emails

Meeting One

Sunday, September 25th

All team members who could make it did, the first meeting was about making the website, working on the graphic design for our website and starting to figure out what we are doing for this assignment.

Change One

Team collectively researched super tux cart links

Implemented them on the resources page

Change Zero

All collectively started working on the website

Created the about page

Nicole started working on the graphic design for the website